Florida Woman Reportedly Tries To Shoplift 65-Inch TV

(Facebook/Screenshot: Polk County Sheriff’s Office)

Liam Sigler Contributor
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A Florida woman attempted to walk out of a Mulberry Walmart on Sunday with a gigantic television without paying for it. 

The shoplifter wheeled a 65-inch TV behind a companion who had just left the store, making it to the exit before being stopped by Walmart security and asked for a receipt, according to NBC West Palm Beach. She reportedly made it through the exit even without a receipt.

The woman who had exited the store earlier returned to grab miscellaneous shoplifted items from the shopping cart and put them in their car, leaving the television behind, Fox West Palm Beach reported. (RELATED: FedEx Driver Says He Can’t Help Elderly Man Who Fell Over, Needed Help Up)

“Does a 65” TV actually fit in a shopping cart?” the Polk County Sheriff’s Office asked on Facebook. “The logical answer to that is, ‘No…not really.'”

The post added it was “Quite the bold attempt she made—trying to steal a TV that’s as big, if not bigger than she is.”

Police are still looking for the suspects involved in the case and successful tips could result in a cash reward, according to CBS West Palm Beach.