‘Panera Karen’ Claims Masks Don’t Work Because We Can Still Smell Our Farts

(Credit: Twitter Screenshot: Public User FirenzeMike)

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A woman at a Panera in California refused to wear a mask after claiming it wasn’t going to do anything to stop coronavirus.

Her justification for stating face coverings don’t protect people from COVID-19 was that people can smell their own farts, according to a report published Wednesday by the New York Post. The woman was confronted by other patrons of the Panera when she wouldn’t put on a mask.


“Wow, you’re sure brave,” a man identified as William See, told the woman. “You’re sure a tough one, aren’t you?”

The Panera worker reportedly called security on the woman, who asked, “So you’re not going to serve me because I’m not wearing a mask?” (RELATED: Former MLB Player Aubrey Huff Says He’d ‘Rather Die From Coronavirus’ Than Wear A Mask)

“No, they’re not going to serve you because you’re not wearing a mask, that’s exactly right,” See responded in the video.

After See told her to stop being a “moron” and a “selfish piece of sh*t,” the unidentified woman blew air in his direction.

“You think that mask is going to protect you?” the woman said. “You fart out your ass; you can smell it out of your ass. You think that mask is going to protect you?”