Brandi Glanville Says She And Denise Richards Did ‘Everything’ After Finally Revealing Details Of Alleged Affair

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Brandi Glanville said she and Denise Richards did “everything” when she finally revealed the details of their alleged affair.

“I had been out with her [Denise] and Aaron [Phypers, Richards husband] and like, I knew that they have an understanding,” the 47-year-old reality star of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” shared during her appearance on the show. The comments were noted by Page Six in a piece published Thursday.  (RELATED: Celebrate Samantha Hoopes’ Birthday With Her Hottest Looks)

“Like, she [Denise] could be with girls if she wanted to,” she added. “And as long as, you know, it wasn’t with a guy. The first night we met, something happened.”  (RELATED: Check Out The Hottest Looks From The 60th Grammy Awards [SLIDESHOW])


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Glanville continued, while noting she and Denise went out and “had dinner” as a flashback to the night out appeared on the screen.

“We completely click,” Brandi shared in the episode. “We get absolutely wasted. We go to the restroom and all of a sudden we’re making out. But she wasn’t with, like, Aaron at that time.”

“I was not expecting it,” she added. “I was like, I’ll go with it. I’m wasted. You’re pretty. Let’s do this.”

The “RHOBH” star went on to explain then in April of last year, The “Melrose Place” star reportedly invited Brandi “to her set in Northern California”  and said she “really wanted to hang out a lot.”

Glanville explained she was planning to get a room, but Denise suggested she just stay there and she would get a rollaway bed for her.

“Her middle daughter was there with a friend and we did the podcast,” Brandi said “That first night the girls were sleeping in a room downstairs at the door and Denise had a room upstairs. There was no rollaway bed conveniently. And so I just slept in the bed with Denise.”

The reality star said nothing happened the first night, but the second night she said the two “got really drunk and we were just so f–ked up and — just like, we kind of hooked up. We hooked up.”

When cast member Teddi Mellencamp pressed her further if they just kissed or not, Glanville explained they did “everything.”

Brandi said the next day Denise said to her,”‘No matter what you do, you can’t tell Aaron. He will kill me.'”

“I’m like, ‘What the f—k is happening right now?'” she added, while explaining that she “would have never slept with Denise if I thought that Aaron was not OK with it. And he knew I was going out of town with her. He knew we’d made out before. There was no question in my mind that Aaron was OK with all of this.”

Glanville concluded that afterwards, “it was kind of like I never really existed. But then she would text me and stay in touch to make sure that everything was kosher. I never wanted to see her in that way again. She made me believe that I did something wrong.”

It all comes after reports surfaced about the alleged affair in January. As did reports about the “Wild Things” star walking away from filming after being confronted about it. Richards, who tied the knot with Phypers in 2018, denied it happened.