Unmasking China’s Uyghur Camps With Irade Kashgary

(Left: Human Rights Watch; Flag: Shutterstock; Right: Irade Kashgary, Twitter)

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Irade Kashgary, the public advocacy director for Uyghur American Association, spoke with the Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck about footage showing Uyghurs being shipped off to labor camps, her family members in this region and more.

Kashgary, who was born in East Turkestan, which is referred to as Xinjiang by the Chinese Communist Party, reacted to the video showing Uyghurs being shipped off to labor camps on trains. She explained that “the clip has been around for a while now – I think it’s been almost a year that it’s been released but it just started circulating and getting a lot of attention recently. Experts have already confirmed that this is actual footage from the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, or occupied East Turkestan.”

“It’s really horrifying cause once you get a closer look and everybody has the shaved heads,” Kashgary said. “Coincidentally, there’s been a couple [of] tons of hair extensions that were actually found and collected by the U.S. that was from the region, as well.”

Kashgary also explained the history of the region.

“It was established at the East Turkestan Republic twice in history,” she explained. “The Chinese Communist Party now completely refuses to really acknowledge that and says that it’s always been a part of China and that it’s always been called Xinjiang. Ironically, Xinjiang is Chinese for “new frontier” so you can see that there’s actually this acknowledgment in the name itself that it hasn’t always been a part of China.”

Kashgary also commented on companies like Nike and Google who have ties to business entities in the region, her family members and more. (RELATED: Investigation Finds That China Uses Uighur Labor To Produce Masks: Report)


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