Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Escorted From Protest By Security Detail

Mike Baker/New York Times

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Democratic Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler attended a protest Wednesday night and had to be escorted by a security detail as protesters yelled obscenities at him and set a fire near Portland’s U.S. courthouse.

Video by freelance journalist Sergio Olmos showed a crowd gathered around the mayor yelling “fuck Ted Wheeler” and “shame on you!” (RELATED: ‘Portland, Oregon, Is Not Out Of Control,’ Says City’s Congressman)

“You’re just like them!” someone from the crowd yelled. “You fucking fake ass liberal!”

Wheeler was also hit by tear gas while he was at the federal courthouse, according to video posted by New York Times reporter Mike Baker. “Man, uh, I can tell you with 100% honesty, I saw nothing that provoked this response,” the mayor said. “It’s absolutely stunning. I’m not afraid, but I am pissed off.”

Police in Portland officially declared a riot Wednesday night. Rioters were seen launching roman candles at the federal courthouse, eventually setting a fire near the building.

Wheeler eventually left the scene and was escorted by the security team, according to a video from Mike Baker. The mayor took shelter in a local building while protesters surrounded him and threw water bottles at him.