Portland Protests Discussed Through The Eyes Of A Photojournalist

Daily Caller, CK Ferrache

Stephanie Hamill Video Columnist
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Photojournalist CK Ferrache joined the Daily Caller’s Stephanie Hamill to discuss what it’s really like on the ground at the Portland, Oregon protests.

“There are protesters, there are BLM marchers, there are moms down there protesting, but what we don’t hear about is the presence of people I would consider to be rioters, and generally I would label them as Antifa or black bloc,” said Ferrache. “They’re there to destroy and attack both state and federal property and they have attacked other citizens as well.” (RELATED: ‘Portland, Oregon, Is Not Out Of Control,’ Says City’s Congressman.) 

Ferrache went on to discuss the federal response to protesters. She described the response as “restrained” considering everything that she witnessed going on in the protest area.

Oregon’s Attorney General is using federal law enforcement agencies over their response to the protests.


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