Gov. Mike Parson: Over 100 St. Louis Murders Go Uncharged While Kim Gardner Charges McCloskeys

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Republican Missouri Gov. Mike Parson said Saturday that over 100 murders had gone uncharged while St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner charged Mark and Patricia McCloskey.

Parson defended the McCloskeys, who were charged with felonies after they openly displayed firearms as they confronted protesters on their property, during a discussion with David Asman on “Cavuto: Live.” (RELATED: ‘It’s Absolutely Absurd’: Kayleigh McEnany Quotes Trump On Charges Against Gun-Toting St. Louis Couple)


Noting that Parson had said that he would pardon the McCloskeys if it came to that, Asman asked, “Why is it that you have a prosecutor in your state letting the law breakers go and charging the victims with a felony?”

Parson began by hinting that he would prefer to remove Gardner from her position if that were an option, saying, “Well, it’s unfortunate that somebody, when you get elected officials, you know, under our constitution, they are fairly well protected to that job.”

He went on to say that Gardner’s actions placed her outside what she had sworn to do when she took her oath of office, however, adding, “We’ve had 138 homicides in St. Louis, 138 already this year. Thirty cases have been filed. So that means there’s over 100 cases of people out there, victims, family members of homicides, that are waiting for some sort of justice, and yet we’re charging law-abiding citizens.”

Parson went on to explain that, in his view, charging the McCloskeys was a political stunt. He noted that the law — specifically the Second Amendment and Missouri’s Castle Doctrine — appeared to be on the side of the McCloskeys.

“It’s unfortunate that sometimes you wish you could remove them but the reality of it is I can’t,” Parson concluded.