‘First Workaround For The First Amendment In History’: Greg Gutfeld And Tucker Carlson Discuss How To Beat Cancel Culture

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Fox News hosts Greg Gutfeld and Tucker Carlson discussed how to beat cancel culture during a Monday night “Tucker Carlson Tonight” segment.

After introducing the title of Gutfeld’s upcoming book, “The Plus: Self-Help for People Who Hate Self-Help,” Carlson asked for advice on how to “cancel cancel culture.”

“Here’s the thing about cancel culture,” Gutfeld explained. “This is the first workaround for the First Amendment in history. Because whenever you complain about cancel culture, they will say you have the First Amendment, freedom of speech. We’re just going to ruin your career and take your livelihood and drive you to suicide. So it’s actually making the First Amendment meaningless.”


Gutfeld’s solution, described in his book, is to “make cancel culture costly.”

“Because right now it’s too cheap to pull it off,” he explained. “The low barrier for entry to join a mob is nil. So the solution is to make it expensive and the key is to share the risk. If we stick together and it’s really easy, the price becomes too high for the mob. The only reason why they exist is because we don’t stick together. We get scared. We hide.”

The “Greg Gutfeld Show” host suggested conservatives “build in mutually assured destruction” to fight companies that refuse to “protect their employees.”

“Remember the reporter that canceled the kid who donated all that money to the children’s hospital?” he asked. “He found like an old tweet. Then like a week later they found tweets of the reporter. He lost his job. It has to be like that.”

Carlson pushed back on the concept of using their own “tactics” to “beat them.”

“You can be nice,” Gutfeld responded. “It really is. I think there’s a good positive part about this in terms of being the plus. You should define people by their best intentions. You should every day ask yourself if you’re contributing to mob culture, especially on social media.” (RELATED: Dan Crenshaw Says ‘Well-Coordinated’ Riots Are Designed To Hold Americans ‘Hostage Until You Give Them Power’)

“One of the solutions to cancel culture is not giving a damn,” he concluded. “The problem is the culture can still care about you. You can’t just turn off the weather. They can follow you everywhere but I think you have to share the risk and every day ask yourself is there a way to help people who are in trouble?”