Paul Finebaum Says Calling Off The College Football Season Right Now Is Not ‘Very Brilliant’

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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It sounds like Paul Finebaum thinks the college football season will happen.

Finebaum has been a bit of a dark voice when it comes to the season happening during the coronavirus pandemic, and he’s sounded very pessimistic at times. Now, it sounds like he thinks games will start. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Finebaum said the following on WJOX, according to Saturday Down South:

I think the decision is, ‘we’ll keep playing until we’re told we can’t.’ Right now, no one has said that. Quite frankly, I think the season would start today if it had to…I haven’t heard much from anyone to indicate that they’re not planning on playing. To call the season off now, I don’t think, is really very brilliant. Because you don’t know what the world looks like in six weeks. I think they all have to gamble that it gets better. And if it doesn’t, they’ll deal with it.

It’s nice to see Finebaum having a little faith that we’ll have games in the fall. He didn’t outright guarantee it, but there’s no doubt he’s changing his tune.

There was a time when Paul Finebaum, who is viewed as the face of SEC football, made it seem like there was no chance the season would happen.

Now, he’s being a shade more optimistic.

We have to keep doing everything we can to keep players safe and protected during the coronavirus pandemic.

If we can keep everyone safe once fall gets here, then we’re going to have games. We can worry about everything else after that.

First, let’s make sure we get to a point where games are realistic.


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Keep the faith, folks. This fight is far from over, and we still have time to win.