DC Public School Teachers Lay Out Fake Body Bags To Protest Return To In-Person Classes

Octavio Jones/Getty Images

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Public school teachers in the nation’s capital laid out fake body bags in protest against the possibility that schools could reopen in the coming weeks.

As cities and states across the nation wrestle with the choice between returning children to classrooms or continuing the distance-learning protocols that were implemented last spring, a number of teachers have come down firmly on the side of keeping schools closed. (RELATED: POLL: 20% Of Teachers ‘Unlikely’ To Return To The Classroom If Schools Reopen In The Fall)

Along with the fake body bags, teachers posted signs that read, “RIP: favorite teacher,” “RIP: killed in the line of duty,” “You can prevent needless death” and “What number is worth the risk?”

Teachers in other cities staged similar protests, arguing that the potential risk posed by having students and teachers back in the classrooms was not worth it. (RELATED: CDC Director Says He’s ‘100’ Percent On His Grandchildren Going Back To School, Calls It ‘Critical’ To Get Schools Open)

Some studies have suggested that children are far less likely to contract the coronavirus and also less likely to spread it to teachers. President Donald Trump has recently toned down his adamant support for getting students back into classrooms full time, saying in recent statements that local authorities should include more choices for parents as they make that decision based on the perceived risk in their area.