REVIEW: ‘Chernobyl’ Is 1 Of The Greatest Mini-Series Ever Made

Chernobyl (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMlwjCID3Io)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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I finally watched the HBO mini-series “Chernobyl,” and it’s amazing.

Thanks to the fact that I’m still at home because of coronavirus, I’ve been crushing different series. Everyone told me that I had to watch the 2019 series about the 1986 nuclear disaster outside of Pripyat in Ukraine when it was under Soviet control. (REVIEW: ‘Westworld’ Season 3 Ends With The Possible Deaths Of Multiple Characters)

Folks, if you have any interest at all, then you simply have to watch “Chernobyl.” It’s a brutally depressing series, but it’s also inspiring at times.

The continent of Europe was on the brink of an all-out disaster thanks to a nuclear reactor at Chernobyl melting down.

There are pretty much two different stories here. The first is the one about the men on the ground. It’s about the men tasked with saving the world.

Through sheer courage, effort and bravery, the men on the ground were able to stop the Chernobyl disaster before it destroyed Europe.

It was inspiring to watch men willingly sacrifice their lives to save their country and a continent.


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That leads me to the second point. The series spends a ton of time on how the Soviet Union tried to cover up what happened at Chernobyl and lie about it in order to protect the image of Soviet power.

While it’s not inspiring at all, it was incredibly fascinating to watch the lengths the U.S.S.R. was willing to go to in order to save face as the area was being torched by radiation.


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From the opening scene of the series through the ominous credits, I was hooked. If you haven’t already watched “Chernobyl” on HBO, I suggest you do it ASAP.