‘Chaos In Congress’: Tim Scott Slams House Democrats After ‘Embarrassing’ Barr Hearing

(Fox News screengrab)

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Republican South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott blasted Democratic House Judiciary Committee members for  “filibustering the answers to their own questions” during Tuesday’s hearing with Attorney General Bill Barr.

Tuesday’s hearing featured several contentious exchanges between Democratic representatives on the committee and Barr on a range of issues from the federal response to riots in America’s major cities to the death of Jeffrey Epstein. In several instances, Barr was interrupted and not allowed to give complete responses to questions.

Scott began the Wednesday morning Fox & Friends segment by agreeing with Fox News host Brian Kilmeade’s assertion that the questioning pattern was “all about the election.”


“We have the right AG at the right time,” said Scott. “Attorney General Barr was undeniably powerful. They were afraid of his questions. Frankly, the Democrats were filibustering the answers to their own questions. That is obvious. It is amazing to watch.”

“All around the country people got to see chaos in Congress run by the Democrats,” he continued. “Do you want chaos, chaos around America run by the Democrats? Of course, you don’t. So yesterday’s hearing was only a snippet of what’s to come if they gain control, and that’s why our voters around the country won’t let that happen.”

The South Carolina senator called Democrats’ conduct “embarrassing” and contended that Barr’s answers “were actually very clear, very concise and direct.”

“He was not going to be bullied and that was a powerful statement as well,” he said. (RELATED: Martha MacCallum Grills Eric Swalwell On Barr Hearing: ‘Could Have Just Propped Up A Picture And Yelled At It’)

“You have the top cop in America in a hearing for five hours and they did everything except for talk about the issues that are impacting minority communities,” Scott concluded. “Instead of having that conversation, they decided to do what they always do, play politics with America’s future, to play politics with America’s minority communities. They had no idea, no idea at all that they would present to the attorney general about reforming anything. It was chaos.”

The senator ended the segment by calling their conduct a “foreshadowing of things to come” and “helpful to our cause.”