Coca-Cola Will Enter The Booming Hard Seltzer Market With New Topo Chico Drink

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Coca-Cola announced the release of a hard seltzer product Tuesday through the Topo Chico brand.

The drink will first be sold in Latin America before launching in the United States in 2021, according to a report published Thursday by CNBC. This will be the first time Coca-Cola has sold an alcoholic beverage product since selling Wine Spectrum in 1983, the outlet reported.

This is a great move by Coca-Cola. The Topo Chico brand is huge in Texas, but distribution is being expanded, according to CNBC.

Hard seltzers have continued to dominate the markets. In 2019, ready-to-drink products were the fastest growing alcoholic beverage category, according to IWSR’s press release. Hard seltzers reportedly contributed double the amount of growth to the alcohol industry than wine in 2019.

At this point, it seems like Coca-Cola is missing out if they don’t try to find a way to tap into this market. (RELATED: Woman Drilled In Groin By Seltzer Can In Painful Video)

Everyone loves hard seltzers. Sure, you have to compete with White Claw and Truly just on name alone, but tons of people love Topo Chico. It’s a smart move to enter the market under a name that already exists.

True Coca-Cola and Topo Chico fans will probably buy the product no matter what. I know I’ll definitely have to try it.