‘That Is Disgraceful’: Black Democrat Vernon Jones Rips Into MSNBC Host For Asking If He’s ‘A Paid Campaign Surrogate’

(Screenshot/MSNBC, MSNBC Live with Craig Melvin

Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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Democratic State Rep. Vernon Jones tore into MSNBC’s Craig Melvin Wednesday after being asked if he supports President Donald Trump because he is “being compensated.”

Jones spoke on “MSNBC Live with Craig Melvin” about why black Americans are succeeding amid the Trump presidency. The interview quickly took a sour turn, with Melvin questioning whether Jones is “a paid campaign surrogate” after voicing support for Trump.

“Are you being compensated?” Melvin added. (RELATED: JONES: I Am Black And I Am A Democrat. But ‘I Ain’t’ Voting For Joe Biden This November)

“Let me be clear,” Jones quickly responded. “You get paid to shape a liberal narrative. You get paid to attack this president. I don’t get a dime for this president. I don’t get a dime from the campaign. Everything I’ve done has been me and based on my principles. And see, that’s the problem. When an African American …”


Melvin interrupted before Jones demanded the anchor allow him to finish.

“No, no, wait. Whoa, whoa, whoa. You’re not going to imply that I asked that question because you’re black,” Melvin continued.

“So don’t ask me that,” Jones responded. “You only ask me that because I don’t fit your narrative. I don’t want anything from this president. It’s what I can do for my country, and you need to accept that many other African Americans and others support this president because of his policies. And to insult me to say am I getting paid – that is disgraceful, and that’s representative of MSNBC and their narrative to keep blacks silent who happen to support this president.”

Jones then asked why he can’t “be like white liberals or other whites” and wondered if Melvin asks others if they are getting paid.

“Are you getting paid by Joe Biden?” he quipped.

Melvin said that he has asked others, and Jones replied that he hadn’t heard of that happening. The two continued to talk at the same time for a short period before Melvin ended the interview by saying that Jones has “an open invitation” to come back.

“I’d like to come back,” Jones responded.