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DHS Shot Our Video Chief With 2 Types Of Munitions In Portland — Here’s His Story

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The Daily Caller’s chief video director Richie McGinniss just got back to the East Coast after yet another foray into the violent protests at the Portland courthouse.

McGinniss sat down with Daily Caller senior White House correspondent Christian Datoc on Thursday to break down the types of crowd control munitions federal law enforcement officers were using to regain control of the situation. If there’s anyone who can identify what exactly was being used, it’s McGinniss, considering he personally took hits from at least three different types by our video team’s count.

We’ve also learned that Department of Homeland Security, led by Acting Secretary Chad Wolf, had reached an agreement with Oregon Governor Kate Brown to transition protest policing from federal hands to those of local police. (RELATED: Trump Administration Reaches Agreement With Oregon Governor To Stop Violence At Portland Courthouse — Appear To Disagree On The Timeline)

Still, DHS isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Wolf told reporters on Wednesday that federal assets will remain on the ground in Portland until Brown and Oregon State Police are able to regain control of the situation, but who knows how long that will take?


Let us know in the comments what you think, Patriots. Will Brown and Oregon police be able to handle protest control? Will they be able to stop all of the violent attacks against law enforcement officials and the courthouse itself? (RELATED: Media Downplays Ongoing Violence In Portland, Claims ‘Right-Wing’ Outlets Are Playing Up The Unrest)

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