NBA Players Are Having The Most Bizarre Items Shipped To Them In The Bubble

(Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

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The NBA players currently living inside the bubble in Orlando are having some of the most bizarre items shipped to them.

ESPN’s Rachel Nichols reported on the items during Tuesday’s episode of “The Jump.”

“Guys have had … comforts shipped in to make them feel like at home,” Nichols reported in a video. “There’s been a couch that’s come through here, wine coolers. Udonis Haslem from the Heat says that he’s had $5,000 in Amazon orders come here. This is thousands of boxes a day.”

“A full-size fridge (with ice-maker), a couch, arcade games, boxing equipment, hundreds of thousands of dollars in Amazon orders…NBA teams & players have had ALLLLL kinds of things shipped into them in the Bubble,” Nichols captioned her tweet. (RELATED: NBA Has 0 Positive Coronavirus Cases In The Bubble At Disney In Orlando)

The shipping facility in Orlando reportedly has an entire wall full of Clorox wipes boxes just to keep the items cleaned and coronavirus free, according to Nichols. The Miami Heat’s Udonis Haslem claimed he’s had $5,000 worth of items from Amazon shipped to him since arriving at the bubble on July 7.

I don’t know why I’m the least bit shocked by the amount of items shipped to the bubble. It should really come as no surprise. NBA players are some of the most bougie people I’ve ever seen. It only makes complete sense that one player has already shipped $5,000 worth of items to himself or that someone ordered a new couch.