Will 10-Game Conference Schedules Become The New Normal In College Football?

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Are 10-game conference football schedules here to stay for good?

Stewart Mandel raised this question for fans Thursday when he tweeted, “Theory: Once fans get a taste of a 10-game conference schedule with few or no buy games, they’re never going to want to go back.” (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Power Five conferences have had to make huge changes, and that has included going to a 10-game conference slate.

The ACC just made the move Wednesday, and it’s likely that the Big 12 and SEC follow soon.

I agree 100% with Mandel. I think fans are going to love playing more conference games. I think they’re going to immediately realize that more conference games equals more fun.

I’ve been begging for years for the Power Five teams to play more conference games, and I’ve always said 10!

Ten conference games is the perfect number. It leaves two non-conference games. You fill one with a marquee opponent and the other with an easy win.

It almost makes too much sense. Would you rather watch Wisconsin play LSU and 10 B1G games or watch the Badgers play multiple directional schools that you didn’t know existed before kickoff?

It’s always been laughable that the SEC only plays eight conference games and I’ve dragged them routinely for it.

I think SEC fans will start pushing for 10 conference games forever once they realize how much more fun it is. They get 10 great games, one easy one and one against a non-conference powerhouse.

The stakes are always much higher in a great non-conference game, the fans get amped, the atmosphere is always better, the beer tastes a bit colder and it’s just a lot more fun.

Now, add that onto 10 great conference games, and you’re going to have the most fun football season in program history!

Embrace the move and don’t let it ever change!