Andrew Duncomb, A Conservative And Vocal Trump Supporter, Believes He Was Stabbed In Portland Over His Beliefs

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Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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Andrew Duncomb, a Republican who openly supports President Donald Trump, was stabbed in the back in Portland during riots downtown and spoke to the Daily Caller after being released from the hospital.

Duncomb, 25, is a black videographer who has been filming demonstrations and riots. He traveled from California to Portland to film the riots going on nightly in front of the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse, Oregon Live reported.

During the riots one evening, Duncomb said he was followed by a man and then stabbed in the back after putting his hand on the person’s shoulder and confronting him. He believes it was Antifa, he told the Daily Caller as he returned to the scene of the crime with an American flag.

“He pulled out that knife, stabbed me,” Duncomb said. “I fell back, hit this thing and then fell down and instantly got right back up.” (RELATED: ‘I Was Stabbed For Being A Conservative Journalist’: Videographer Injured At Portland Protests)

“I think that it might have been a targeted hit by Antifa,” he speculated, although this has not been proven.


Duncomb continued on to slam “violent anarchists,” saying that people need to realize that they “are not peaceful protesters.”

“They are very dangerous and they are a threat – they are a huge threat – to our society,” he told the Daily Caller.

Despite the attack, Duncomb plans to continue his work. He said that he has plans to get a vest and other protective gear.

“At the end of the day, regardless, I’m not going to let these types of groups try to intimidate me, threats of violence through Twitter, by doxxing, by putting out my location. I’m not going to let them intimidate me to back down. In fact, I plan on continuing to stand up. I’m going to continue to stand up and fight for what I believe in.”

“This is something bigger than myself. This is something that everyone should be standing up against … to take this country back.”