CNN Spokesman Doubles Down On Network’s Decision To Say ‘Individuals With A Cervix’ Instead Of ‘Women’

SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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CNN spokesman Matt Dornic doubled down on the network’s decision to use the phrase “individuals with a cervix” instead of “women” Friday.

The network tweeted Thursday about cervical cancer screening and HPV testing. The tweet used the phrase “individuals with a cervix” instead of referring to these “individuals” as women. A cervix is present in females and connects the vagina and uterus in a female’s reproductive system.

Multiple publications wrote about the phrasing, including The Federalist, Town Hall and The Daily Mail. Dornic pointed out these articles and doubled down on the phrasing, suggesting it was an attempt to be inclusive towards transgender and intersex people.

“Imagine feeling so threatened by inclusivity that you’re compelled to write a story bashing another organization for practicing it,” he tweeted. (RELATED: 14 States Considering Transgender Athlete Bills)

Some appeared to wonder why the network did not use the word “women” in the tweet.

“Stop erasing women and pretending it’s progressive,” Lyndsey Fifield, the social media manager at Heritage, tweeted.

CNN later referenced sperm in a notification for a different article, specifying that it was “men’s sperm” and not using the word “individuals.”