Syracuse Athletic Director John Wildhack Says Athletes Need ‘Discipline’ During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Syracuse athletic director John Wildhack thinks athletes need to exercise discipline during the coronavirus pandemic.

As colleges prepare for football in the fall and for students to return to campus, there are a lot of questions and potential problems. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Wildhack thinks discipline is needed more than ever during the pandemic. He said the following, according to Syracuse.com:

One of the keys for all of us … is discipline. We’re going to have to have tremendous discipline when we have a full campus of students because we’re going to have to avoid large gatherings … I don’t know if you can say no parties, but to me it’s education, education, reinforcement, reinforcement. When you see examples elsewhere where there’s issues, and those issues are traced to large gatherings, parties, share that because that’s the proof right there.

First off, you can absolutely say no to parties. I don’t know what the hell Wildhack is talking about when he says you can’t.

Athletes should 100% be told to stay away from parties. We’re in the middle of a pandemic! They’re on scholarship and the school supports them financially.


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Athletes have to understand that parties are an insanely stupid idea right now. They can’t be allowed or tolerated, and that has to be made crystal clear to players.

Having said that, Wildhack is 100% correct on needing discipline, which goes back to the party aspect. Players have to exercise extreme discipline during the pandemic.

They have to limit their social interactions, take every possible precaution to stay safe and do whatever is necessary to stay safe.


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Sorry, folks. You just can’t party if you’re playing football in the fall. I don’t even know why that has to be said. It should just be obvious, but apparently it’s not.