‘Biden Owes The Public Access’: Brian Stelter Presses Biden Press Secretary On Media Interviews

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CNN host Brian Stelter pressed Joe Biden’s national campaign press secretary TJ Ducklo on the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee’s lack of media access.

During a Sunday morning interview on “Reliable Sources,” Stelter brought the topic up by referring to “heat from the Trump world” and showing a graphic of President Donald Trump doing 30 interviews this summer compared to Biden’s 15.

“Shouldn’t you be providing Biden to the press more often?” he asked.


Ducklo defended Biden by citing the “nearly 100 interviews” he has done since March 1 before pointing out that Trump was last on CNN “over four years ago.”

“It is true that the president has not agreed to speak with CNN in a sit down interview since taking office,” Stelter said. “Look what he said to Chris Wallace a couple weeks ago though, he said ‘let Biden sit through an interview like this, he’ll be on the ground crying for mommy.’ Biden did do an interview on MSNBC the next day, so the idea that Biden can’t do an interview is a lie. That’s a lie by Trump. But he’s going to keep lying. He’s going to keep saying it for three more months, so why not prove him wrong every day by having daily press conferences and giving daily interviews?”

The Biden press secretary again emphasized Biden’s own interviews and insisted that Trump “could take a lot more questions and do a lot more interviews with outlets that are not Fox, Fox Business …” (RELATED: Chris Wallace Says At Least Trump Is ‘Answering Questions,’ While Biden ‘Hasn’t Come Out Of The Basement’)

“He absolutely could,” Stelter agreed. “I think what your candidate is doing is he’s dodging Trump’s punches with silence, which is probably an effective campaign strategy. I just think that Biden owes the public access all the time, even in the midst of a pandemic.”