‘Why Can’t I Decide How Much I Can Eat?’: Chinese Immigrant Helen Raleigh Details Growing Up In China

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Helen Raleigh, a Centennial Institute Fellow and a senior contributor to The Federalist, spoke with the Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck about California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s recent comments on China, her own experience growing up in the communist county and more.

Recently, Feinstein labeled China as “a country growing into a respectable nation among other nations,” despite growing tensions following the coronavirus fallout and human rights abuses.

“I find it very surprising because Senator Feinstein has access to a lot of classified information we do not have,” Raleigh said, “but you really do not need to have access to classified information to recognize the issues that China presents.”

Raleigh also discussed her great-grandfather, who she described as a “normal wheat farmer” whose land was confiscated by the Chinese Communist Party.

“Overnight, he basically was turned from somebody who lived independently, was hardworking, was able to support his family,” Raleigh said, “and overnight, he lost everything. He had to depend on the government.”

Raleigh also detailed her own experience living in communist China.

“The economy was so bad — there was not enough food,” she said. “The government had to give everyone coupons, or you could say food stamps, basically [limiting] basic supplies like rice, cooking oil, or even [clothes].”

Raleigh recalled dreaming about food because she was always so hungry as well as thinking “why should a little girl eat less than a little boy?” and “why can’t I decide how much I can eat?”

Raleigh also discussed her recent piece for The Federalist, the United States’ relationship with China and more. (RELATED: ‘Any Accident Could Really Lead To A War’: Helen Raleigh Criticizes The Chinese Communist Party)


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