REPORT: Family Eating Ice Cream Threatened With Racist Comments Over Not Wearing Face Masks By Man Carrying A Sword

(Credit: Elena Veselova)

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A family claimed they were harassed in New Jersey by a white man for not wearing face masks outside while eating their ice cream.

Antonio and Diana Bellamy were enjoying ice cream from Dairy Queen with their three children in Morrisville when they were approached by a white man carrying a sword, according to a report published by Diana claimed her husband went back to the Dairy Queen and the family set up near the water to eat their ice cream. The family took off their face masks to eat.


“Obey the governor’s orders,” the man first said to the family, according to Diana’s Facebook post.

Bellamy said no one in the family responded to the man, but her six-year-old son began to laugh.

“It’s funny how minorities want to be treated equal but can’t follow the rules,” the man allegedly said to the family. (RELATED: Woman Maces Couple Having Picnic For Not Wearing Face Masks)

Diana claimed her husband went to speak with the guy when he got to the scene of the alleged incident, but the family quickly left.

“Why do they hate us so much?! Just why?” Diana’s 10-year-old daughter allegedly said in the car following the incident while crying.

“IT’S JUST NOT FAIR!!!! We can’t even go have ice cream without being harassed because we are black,” Diana claimed her daughter said.