‘I Don’t Need Help’: Oregon Native American Tribe Member Condemns Portland Protests And ‘Victim Narrative’

The Daily Caller

Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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Jessica, a member of an Oregon Native American tribe whose husband is in law enforcement, spoke to the Daily Caller about ongoing protests and rioting going on in the city.

Portland has seen over two months of protests and rioting after the death of George Floyd, with recent violence being directed at a federal courthouse downtown. Jessica spoke out against the protests, telling the Daily Caller that these people don’t speak for her or many members of her tribe.

Jessica called what the protesters are pushing a “victim narrative” and said she doesn’t believe in it. (RELATED: Inside The Riots: These Reporters Were On The Ground In Portland For Five Nights)

“I don’t feel like a victim,” Jessica told the Caller’s Shelby Talcott. “I don’t experience those things. I’ve never experienced racism on behalf of my Native American heritage, or anything like that.”

“For these people that accept this narrative because, ‘oh, I have an opportunity to be a victim, oh, that’s kind of … that might help me in life.’ You know, they’re convinced of that, and it’s not something that I’m convinced of … I don’t need help.”


Jessica continued on to discuss hardships her husband, who is an immigrant working in law enforcement, has faced amid protests. She noted that she supports law enforcement and also discussed what she thinks the Black Lives Matter movement really is all about.