Latest ‘Yellowstone’ Episode ‘The Beating’ Draws More Than 3.6 Million Live Viewers On The Paramount Network

Yellowstone (Credit: Paramount Network)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The latest “Yellowstone” episode put up some more monster TV ratings on the Paramount Network.

The Beating” was watched live by more than 3.6 million people on the Paramount Network this past Sunday night, according to ShowBuzzDaily.com. (REVIEW: Another Bombshell Revelation Drops About Jamie In The Latest ‘Yellowstone‘ Episode ‘The Beating’)

The numbers for the seventh episode of season three don’t reflect streaming. As always, that data will only further push the numbers north.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Another week goes by and “Yellowstone” puts up more monster TV ratings.

It’s been the most watched summer show for three seasons running, and I highly doubt that’ll change as long as “Yellowstone” is on TV.

We also had a monster reveal in “The Beating” when the audience found out that Jamie was adopted. It was a theory debated a ton online since season one, and we now all know the answer. (EXCLUSIVE: ‘Yellowstone’ Star Josh Holloway Previews Roarke Morris, Says The Show Is ‘Classically American’)

The biggest question now is who is Jamie’s birth father. My money is on Wade Morrow. I’m putting big money on it!

It’s been a hell of a season, and now we only have a few episodes left. You can catch episode eight Sunday night when “I Killed a Man Today” airs on the Paramount Network.

It should be an epic time!