REPORT: Jake Paul’s Home Raided By FBI

(Rich Fury/Getty Images for H&M)

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The FBI reportedly raided YouTube personality Jake Paul’s home in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The authorities have a search warrant for the Los Angeles home, according to a report published by TMZ.

“The affidavit in support of the search warrant is sealed and we are, therefore, prohibited from commenting as to the nature of the investigation,” said in a statement to ABC7. No arrests were apparently planned to be made during the search.

Paul recently was charged with trespassing after he was caught attending a riot in Arizona. (RELATED: YouTuber Jake Paul Charged With Trespassing After Being Identified As ‘A Participant In The Riot’)

The search by the authorities comes weeks after Paul drew attention to himself by hosting a huge party at the Calabasas mansion. Mayor Alicia Weintraub expressed her disappointment in the large gathering which reportedly didn’t adhere to social distancing guidelines and at which guests did not wear masks.

The mayor says she became aware of Paul’s party when residents complained.

“I was very upset that somebody would hold such an outrageous gathering in our community,” the mayor told ABC News. “We’re trying to do everything we can to get our numbers down and keep our community safe, and something like this just does the opposite.”