These High-Grade Axis Knives Are All On Sale For A Limited Time!

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While you may not need a knife in your day-to-day, having a quality blade on hand can really make a difference. Whether you’re stuck out in the wilderness or need to cut your seatbelt off after a collision, a good knife is definitely something you should invest in. And if that simply means being the guy who always has the perfect knife to open up a particularly tricky package, all the better.

When it comes to long-lasting, dependable knives, there’s no other choice but Axis Blades. And we’ve rounded up five of their best creations that all happen to be on sale for 40% off.

General OTF Knife – $119.99

If you’ve yet to get yourself a quality blade, this is the one you want. Featuring a 3.9″ drop point blade made of stainless steel, this guy’s a real sight to behold. And with its non-slip handle, it’s very easy to manipulate. It also boasts a glass window breaker, making it ideal for emergency situations.

Click here to get the General OTF Knife for 40% off.

Venom OTF Knife – $119.99

This thing may weigh .5 lbs, but it can get you out of a serious jam. That’s because it features a 3.5″ double-edge blade with a hardness rating of 58 HRC, a spear point, and a glass breaker. And with its silver and black matte finish, this thing looks just as great as it performs.

The Venom OTF Knife is 40% here.

Axis Caliber OTF Knife – $119.99

This tactical, out-the-front knife is one of Axis Blades’ finest creations. Its American Tanto blade boasts an incredibly sharp tip, perfect for piercing through hard materials. Pair that with the blade’s serrated edge and the included glass window breaker and you’ve got yourself a grade-A tool.

Snag the Caliber OTF Knife for 40% here.

Axis Admiral OTF Knife – $119.99

When it comes to efficient knives, you don’t kid around. And that’s exactly the kind of person that carries around the Admiral OTF Knife. Boasting a spear-point blade with dual serrated edges and double-action, out-the-front automatic function, this thing means business. And with its handy hip clip and glass window breaker, it makes for the perfect emergency survival tool.

Click here to get 40% off the Admiral OTF Knife’s regular price.

Hunter OTF Knife – $119.99

If you’re going camping this summer, this double-action, out-the-front automatic knife is sure great to have on hand. With a glass window breaker and stainless steel, American Tanto blade, you can bet there’s not much this knife can’t handle. It also features a serrated blade and sandy finish, along with a handy carrying pouch.

The Hunter OTF Knife is on sale for 40% off here.

Prices subject to change.

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