‘Love Is Blind’ Host Caroline Flack Commits Suicide Before Her Assault Trial, Coroner Says

(Photo by Hollie Adams/Getty Images)

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A coroner claimed the former host of the British reality show “Love Is Blind” committed suicide ahead of her assault trial.

Caroline Flack was originally found dead inside her home in February, a few weeks before she was supposed be put on trial for allegedly assaulting her then boyfriend, according to a an article published Thursday by the Associated Press.

Coroner Mary Hassell claimed Flack committed suicide “because of an exacerbation of fluctuating ill health and distress.”

“She knew she would face the media, press, publicity — it would all come down upon her,” Hassell said regarding the suicide. Flack was 40 years old at the time of her death.

Hassell’s comments are part of an inquest verdict. Inquests are typically held in Britain to obtain the facts surrounding the sudden or unexplained deaths. (RELATED: Online Suicide Forum Assisted Woman In Taking Her Own Life, According To Family Members)

Flack was originally arrested for assault by beating in December of 2019. She entered a not guilty plea in court. Prosecutors claimed Flack hit her boyfriend Lewis Burton over the head with a lamp. Burton later denied it.

“Both were covered in blood,” the prosector told the court, according to the Mirror. “And in fact, one of the police officers likened the scene to a horror movie. He (Burton) said he had been asleep and had been hit over the head by Caroline by a lamp. It cut his head and his face was covered in blood. He said that Caroline smashed a glass and caused injuries. She had two lacerations to her left wrist. She took his phone while he was sleeping. She had seen text messages which made her think he was cheating.”