AG Barr Turns FBI Security Detail Around To Thank Americans Showing Support For Police


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Attorney General William Barr forced his FBI detail to turn around Thursday, stopping to thank Americans who were showing support for law enforcement.

According to Kerri Kupec, Barr’s spokeswoman and the Justice Department’s director of communications and public affairs, the attorney general saw some men and women out holding flags and signs supporting police and decided to pay them a personal visit. (RELATED: Here’s Why Attorney General William Barr Is 1 Of Trump’s Best Hires)

“That time you’re driving in Virginia and the Attorney General spots a group of people in front of a police precinct showing their support for the police,” Kupec tweeted. “AG to FBI Detail: ‘Can we make a quick U-Turn? I want to jump out and thank those people.’ Watch! #SoundOn.”

Barr elbow-bumped his way through the group, thanking them for supporting their local police.

“This is awesome!” One of them responded as another added, “Keep up the good work!”

“You did wonderful on your testimony,” one woman said, referencing Barr’s recent hearing before the House Judiciary Committee. “It was spectacular, I thought.” (RELATED: Greg Gutfeld Slams Democrats After Barr Hearing: ‘The Mob Is Just Their Street Team’)

Barr was clearly amused by her assessment, and went on to pose for a photo with the group before he went on his way.