Greg Gutfeld Slams Portland Mayor: ‘If You Looked Up Pile Of Crap, Ted Wheeler’s Face Would Be There’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld criticized Democratic Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, saying Friday that his lack of leadership had allowed for the mess created by ongoing protests and violence.

Saying that he wished he could swear, Gutfeld added, “If you looked up piece of crap, Ted Wheeler’s face would be there.” (RELATED: Greg Gutfeld Slams Democrats After Barr Hearing: ‘The Mob Is Just Their Street Team’)


Guest host Trey Gowdy began the exchange by asking, “So where is the line between peaceful protest and what we see in some of these northwestern, northwestern cities? Where’s the proper line between peaceful protest and what we are seeing, the lawlessness?”

“Anyone can see that line,” Gutfeld replied. “It’s called violence. It’s called destruction of property.”

He went on to argue that Wheeler was only scrambling now, accusing the violent protesters of “attempted murder,” because he was worried about how it looked.

“He didn’t want B-roll for Donald Trump. He didn’t care about the people there. He cared that Donald Trump might win based on his abdication,” Gutfeld continued. “His abdication has created the B-roll. It would only take you two minutes to go on Twitter and find half a dozen videos including what you just saw. Basically it was his denial that perpetuated the evil that has created this mess.”

Gutfeld concluded by saying that he wished he was allowed to swear, adding, “that mayor, if you looked up pile of crap in the dictionary, Ted Wheeler’s face would be right there. Because he is legitimately a pile of crap for abdicating his moral spine, his leadership, which has allowed all of this to happen.”