‘I Have To Keep My Mouth Shut’: Portland Resident Says Conservative-Leaning Beliefs Aren’t Welcome

Shelby Talcott Media Reporter
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A Portland resident spoke to the Daily Caller about her experience living in the city amid rioting, adding that she now has plans to move.

Molly spoke out about her work environment, which she described as a place where only certain political views are accepted. She told the Caller’s Shelby Talcott that if you have any conservative-leaning views, it’s best to “keep your mouth shut” or risk losing your job.

“The physical part of the riots themselves are enough, but it’s even to the point where if I want to keep my job, I have to keep my mouth shut,” Molly said. (RELATED: Portland Police: Protesters Disguised Themselves As ‘Press,’ Harassed Officers)


“Some days the protests will start late enough where it’s not too much of a danger to me, but there have been days where I will be driving just trying to go to work like a normal human, and all of a sudden I’ll hit a wall of dangerous-looking people that will just spot my car and start running towards it,” Molly added as she described feeling uneasy at times in her own city.

As for the future, Molly said these ongoing riots are part of what is pushing her and her husband to move out of the state. One option, in an attempt to get away from it all, is Alaska, she said.

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