Watch The Preview For The New ‘Yellowstone’ Episode ‘I Killed A Man Today’

Yellowstone (Credit: Paramount Network)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The new “Yellowstone” episode “I Killed a Man Today” looks incredibly intense.

The preview for the eighth episode of season three dropped Sunday ahead of it airing tonight, and it’s going to send fans through the roof. (REVIEW: Another Bombshell Revelation Drops About Jamie In The Latest ‘Yellowstone‘ Episode ‘The Beating’)

It looks like chaos is unfolding all over the place for the Duttons. Watch the electric preview below!

I can’t wait for tonight. Season three has been outstanding, and it’s only getting better with every single episode that airs.

Judging from the title being “I Killed a Man Today,” it seems like a very safe assumption that all hell is going to break loose.

There have also been several huge reveals so far in this season. The biggest ones both deal with Jamie. First, the abortion theory with Beth was confirmed, and then it was revealed he was adopted.

After years of anticipation, fans finally had two of the most popular theories about the show answered.

Will there be another big reveal tonight? Who is going to die? Will the Duttons give a single inch?

I have so many questions that I need answered with only three more episodes to go!


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Make sure to tune in tonight on the Paramount Network for “I Killed A Man Today.” It looks like it’s going to be a great episode.