New Jersey Man Faces 27 Charges After Crime Spree

Matthew Hatcher/Getty Images

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A New Jersey man is facing over 2 dozen charges after a crime spree Friday night.

Andrew M. Tolbert, 23, allegedly spit blood at police, sexually assaulted a healthcare worker and stole a BMW during his crime spree, Fox News reported.

Tolbert stole a Ford F-150 and drove it the wrong way down the street before he crashed it around 11 PM Friday night, overturning a 2016 Honda Pilot and hitting a 2000 Acura. Glassboro police said. The driver of the Honda Pilot was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and later released, and the driver of the 2000 Acura said they were not injured. (RELATED: Massachusetts Police Investigating Anti-Semitic Hate Crime Spree)

Tolbert stole a BMW from a woman who was attempting to help the people involved in the crash and drove away in it.

He later entered a health care facility and attempted to sexually assault a staff member. Two patients intervened and stopped the attack. Tolbert left and unsuccessfully tried to break into a building next door. When police officers arrived to stop the attempted break-in, Tolbert got into the stolen BMW and drove it into an officer, pinning him between the two cars, police said.

The health care worker was not seriously injured, and the officer was taken to the hospital with rib pain for an evaluation and was later released.

Tolbert drove away from the scene, and while police were pursuing him, he drove into the oncoming lane and hit a 2005 Ford Escape, flipping the stolen BMW he was driving, according to police. The passenger in the Ford Escape was ejected, and both the driver and the passenger were taken to the hospital with injuries.

Tolbert refused to get out of his car after the crash.

While he was being escorted to the ambulance, Tolbert spit blood in an officer’s face, Glassboro police said.

Tolbert was treated for minor injuries at the hospital before being released into police custody. He is currently being held in Salem County Jail, Fox News reported.