Become A Certified Financial Analyst With Help From This E-Bundle

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So, you’re interested in becoming a certified financial analyst? Then you’re looking at a hefty, three-level certification exam. And while prepping for even the first level of such an exam can be daunting, the benefits are well worth it. Because with this certification comes a wide variety of job opportunities, like investment banking, asset management, risk management, and so much more.

If the idea of studying for an exam gives you the willies, don’t give up on your dreams just yet. Thanks to this 9-course CFA Level 1 Exam Certification Prep Bundle, you can easily take that first giant leap into your future career. And thanks to the program’s even-paced, easy-to-digest lessons, and lectures, it’s not nearly as painful as you think.

Jam-packed with 23 hours of content surrounding topics like ethics, macroeconomic and microeconomic principles, and investment fundamentals, you’ll gain a solid understanding of what makes a strong, well-rounded financial analyst. Even if you’re relatively new to the world of financial investments and asset management, after completing this course bundle, you’ll be well-equipped to pass the first level of the Finacial Analysis Certification Exam — and with flying colors, at that.

With each course garnering high-star ratings from its past and present students, there’s no question The All-In-One CFA Level 1 Exam Certification Prep Bundle will teach you everything you’d possibly need to know to pass the exam. There’s even an entire course dedicated to practice-test questions pertaining to portfolio management, a skill any experienced CFA needs to have down pat. You’ll also have the opportunity to undergo full-length practice exams full of all the mathematical formulations you’ll be expected to master during the real test.

Under the instruction of James Forjan, PhD and CFA, you’ll learn first-hand what it takes to be successful in the corporate financial world. That’s because he has over 25 years of teaching experience under his belt and has taught over 11,000 students over the course of his career. In other words: this guy knows his stuff.

“This is a great crash course. To help you pass CFA level I. Would recommend users to stick to the schedule and make constant progress.” – Mehrunnisa

Ready to kick your Financial Analysis Certification prep into high gear? Then getting started with The All-In-One CFA Level 1 Exam Certification Prep Bundle is a no-brainer! Especially since for a limited time, it’s just $39.99 down from nearly $1,800 bucks.

Prices subject to change.

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