‘Fundamentally Wrong On All Of The Issues’: Jason Chaffetz Predicts A Biden And Harris Loss

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Former Republican Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz predicted a Biden and Harris loss Wednesday, saying that the two were “fundamentally wrong on all of the issues.”

Chaffetz joined University of Maryland professor Jason Nichols and host Julie Banderas on “Outnumbered: Overtime” to discuss Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris, who was selected to be former Vice President Joe Biden’s running mate in the 2020 election. (RELATED: Chris Wallace Claims Kamala Harris Is ‘Not Far To The Left’ — Her Senate Record Disagrees)


Banderas began by asking whether, in the #metoo era, it was acceptable for President Donald Trump to use words like “nasty” in attacks on Harris.

“Well, the president was responding to a question, and I think if you do go back and roll the tape, if you watch how Senator Harris treated Justice Kavanaugh, I think that it was abhorrent. I think she was nasty in the way that she did it,” Chaffetz explained. “But I think that it is also a proactive move on President Trump’s point, because I think part of the reason that Joe Biden selected Senator Harris is that she is going to be the viper that is trying to take down Donald Trump by making the argument and sometimes in a nasty way, nasty tones, and we will see how it plays out. But she is not going to just sit back and say, yeah, everything is so nice and let’s just — we are the nice people over here. I think that it’s going to get a bit nasty.”

Chaffetz went on to say that he was looking forward to seeing both Biden and Harris field some tough questions, noting that the former vice president has not been doing so up to this point. (RELATED: ‘The Meanest, The Most Horrible, The Most Disrespectful’: Trump Unloads On Biden VP Pick Kamala Harris)

“He basically has been hiding Joe Biden, hanging out in his basement getting softball questions,” Chaffetz said. “The reason I think that Biden and Harris are going to lose is that they are fundamentally wrong on all of the issues, we can talk about silly names and this sort of thing, but at the end of the day what Biden and Harris stand for is not what America wants. I’ve never met anybody who said, oh, boy, if only Joe Biden was out there.”

Chaffetz concluded by arguing that Harris had been “rejected by Democrats” and pointing out that she had not done well in the Democratic presidential primary, dropping out of the race before the first of the year.