‘People Will Say Anything To Get Power’: Greg Gutfeld Launches Attack On Biden And Harris

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld laid into former Vice President Joe Biden and his newly-announced running mate, Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris.

Gutfeld appeared on “The Five,” which was delayed to accommodate the first public appearance by Biden and Harris together, and questioned a number of statements that came out of their joint event.


Cohost Jesse Watters put the question to Gutfeld, asking whether he felt that Harris had acquitted herself well in her first official speech as Biden’s vice presidential pick. (RELATED: Chris Wallace Claims Kamala Harris Is ‘Not Far To The Left’ — Her Senate Record Disagrees)

“For one thing, she sold out the cops. That was the thing that really stood out to me,” Gutfeld began before he turned his attention to Biden’s comments.

“You saw Joe Biden trot out the ‘fine people’ hoax which has already been discredited. Trump wasn’t talking about racists. He was talking about both sides of the statue debate. Anyone with half a brain, i.e. Joe, knows that,” Gutfeld continued, noting Biden’s reference to the unrest three years ago in Charlottesville.

But the one thing Gutfeld said really stuck with him was Biden’s comment about President Donald Trump’s handling of terrorism.

“He said something totally mind-boggling, that said that Trump coddled terrorists,” Gutfeld said. “I’m thinking, I go like, this is from a guy who was against taking out Bin Laden and Trump got rid of ISIS, Soleimani, and al-Baghdadi. Is he losing his mind or is he flat out lying?”

Gutfeld concluded by turning back to Harris, saying that he didn’t understand how she could have publicly stated that she believed Biden’s accusers and smeared Biden as a “racist sympathizer” if she had learned so much from his son, Beau Biden.

“It’s probably because she’s just lying. If she can make an attack like that on Joe Biden for debate theatrics, months ago, it’s reasonable to conclude that the ruination of Brett Kavanaugh was also just hearing theatrics,” Gutfeld explained. “She will ruin you for political reasons. If you’re new to politics, you’ve learned a sober lesson. It’s complete and utter BS. People will say anything to get power. So what she did was she was willing to crush Kavanaugh and crush Joe Biden, but when the door opens up for power, it all goes out the window.”