Man Attacks Hotel Clerk For Asking To Check His Temperature, Gets Beaten Badly By Employee

Estado de Minas

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A hotel clerk in Brazil was attacked by a guest Saturday when the clerk asked to check his temperature, The Intercept journalist Glenn Greenwald reported.

A video posted by the Brazilian newspaper Estado de Minas showed a man entering a hotel in the Varginha municipality in Brazil and getting into a verbal altercation with the clerk. The man became upset after being told by the clerk that the hotel required him to have his temperature taken, according to Greenwald.

After about 30 seconds of arguing, the customer picked up a pole and hit the clerk with it. (RELATED: Rally Goers Will Receive Temperature Checks, Hand Sanitizer And A Mask, Trump Campaign Says)


The customer then went around the counter, threw another object at the clerk, and started punching him.

At that point, the clerk began to fight back. He knocked the customer to the ground and hit him several times before a woman entered the hotel. The man exited the hotel with the woman, and the clerk followed, pointing at him and saying something. The man then drove away in a car.