Marc Thiessen Says A Biden-Harris Ticket Is ‘A Trojan Horse’ For Socialism

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Marc Thiessen said Wednesday that the Biden-Harris ticket was a “Trojan horse” designed to quietly bring socialist ideals into the White House.

Thiessen laid out his theory to Fox News host Dana Perino, saying that the goal was to paint former Vice President Joe Biden and his running mate, Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris, as moderate in order to convince Americans that a vote for Biden was “safe.” (RELATED: Chris Wallace Claims Kamala Harris Is ‘Not Far To The Left’ — Her Senate Record Disagrees)


Perino began the segment with a tweet from the New York Times which had referred to Harris as a “pragmatic moderate,” saying, “She’s the first black woman on a major party ticket. I don’t even think she would want to be called a pragmatic moderate. What do you think of that?”

“She’s not a pragmatic moderate. GovTrack, a nonpartisan watch dog, ranked her the most liberal member of the United States Senate, including more liberal than Bernie Sanders. They said she was the least likely to co-sponsor bipartisan bills of all senators. Out of 100 senators, she was the least likely,” Thiessen replied. “She’s neither pragmatic nor moderate.”

Thiessen went on to say that the Biden-Harris ticket was part of a “broader strategy” being implemented by the Democratic Party. Thiessen said it was an effort to convince the American people that a Biden-Harris White House would be moderate.

“The left sees these people, a Biden-Harris ticket, as a Trojan horse,” Thiessen continued. “They think that voters will look at this — Joe Biden as this nonpartisan, moderate, pragmatic bipartisan guy. And they’re going to say he’s not so much of a threat, we’ll let him into the White House. Hiding inside is an army of socialists led by Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and the rest and they’re going to come pouring out as soon as he’s through the White House gates and impose a left-wing agenda on the United States.”

“Trump has to make clear and expose this record for the American people,” Thiessen concluded.