‘Rescued Again By Joe Biden’: Tucker Carlson Thanks Biden For Saving Him On Kamala Harris Name Mispronunciation

(Fox News screengrab)

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson thanked presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for also mispronouncing California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris’ name.

“So if you watched last night’s show you may recall that during the opening segment, we apparently unknowingly mispronounced Kamala Harris’ name,” Carlson explained on Wednesday night’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “It is pronounced comma, not semicolon, comma, like the punctuation mark, ala Harris. Fine. It was a mistake.”


“But it was treated as an act of bigotry, a grave offense against the honor of a sitting U.S. Senator,” he continued. “CNN was outraged. Of all the things going on in the world today they wanted you to know that someone out there had mispronounced Kamala Harris’ name.”

The Fox News host played a clip of a CNN panel criticizing his mistake, then read the tweets of some critics who alleged he had done so intentionally.

“So the bottom line is, look, any criticism of Kamala Harris is immoral,” Carlson said. “Anyone who so much as mispronounces her name is a racist. That’s what they’re telling you. So with that in mind, pretty amusing to watch old Joe Biden himself mispronounce Kamala Harris’ name today.”

The Fox News host laughed after playing the clip of Biden pronouncing Harris’ name the same way that had gotten him lambasted by CNN. (RELATED: Here’s How NYT Covered Kamala Harris Versus How They Covered Mike Pence)

“It’s just too awesome!” he said. “Just when you think darkness is descending, old Joe Biden shows up and the sun begins to rise. Rescued again by Joe Biden. Thank you, Joe. What a bigot.”