Tucker Carlson On Media, Wall Street Support For Kamala Harris: ‘It’s Oligarchy, And It Has Consequences’

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson argued that media and Wall Street support for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s pick of California Sen. Kamala Harris is evidence of “oligarchy” that will “have consequences for everyone.”

Carlson used his Wednesday night “Tucker Carlson Tonight” opening monologue to explain why he believes Democratic donors, big banks, Wall Street, and media are firmly behind the choice of Harris, even if ordinary voters may not be.

“The first thing to know about Harris is that in just a few months, she could run your country,” the Fox News host opined. “If Biden wins the presidential election, Kamala Harris will effectively become the president. Everyone knows that. Democratic donors understand it best of all. America’s big banks have long controlled Joe Biden. For years in the Senate, for decades, he faithfully did their bidding. And in return, they sent him money. They still do, in fact far more than they send to the incumbent president.”


Carlson contended that banks, consulting groups, and Wall Street, while “nervous for a moment about the prospect that Biden might pick Stacey Abrams,” were “thrilled when Biden choose Harris” and are betting that even unenthused voters will put the Biden and Harris ticket in power based on hatred for President Donald Trump.

“Like their friends at Google, the Biden campaign understands it has a monopoly,” he said. “And they plan to exploit it. This is not the democracy we were promised. In fact it’s not democracy at all. It’s oligarchy, and it has consequences for everyone.”

“It’s all pretty sad and unnerving if you think about it,” the Fox News host continued. “What if we had an election, and no one cared what voters thought? We’re about to find out. But before you get too depressed, take this moment to enjoy the breathtaking absurdity of it all. The most oblivious politician in America has joined forces with the most calculating politician in America. Hilarity ensues. Neither one believes anything but only one of them knows what day it is.”

To make his point that Harris is far from what the New York Times called a “pragmatic moderate,” Carlson proceeded to play several video clips, including her scripted telephone acceptance of the vice-presidential nominee slot, contending that 16-year-olds should vote and that resources during the pandemic – presumably vaccines – should be “based on race.” (RELATED: ‘That’s Called Affirmative Action’: Leo Terrell Blasts Kamala Harris Pick)

Carlson ended the segment by showing clips of media figures fawning over Harris.

“The anchors on CNN were especially supportive,” he said. “Kamala Harris is the only politician their boss, the tiny but secretive Jeff Zucker, has ever publicly endorsed. When she ran for attorney general in California, Zucker said this, quote: ‘Kamala is not just important for the city of San Francisco, the state of California, but for the entire country.’ According to Zucker, Harris is that important. Existentially important. Probably too important to cover like you would a mere politician who wants to take over your country. So stop asking questions. Obey.”