Anthony Michael Hall Apologizes After ‘Crazy’ Profanity-Laced Video Surfaces Of Him Slamming Hotel Guests

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Anthony Michael Hall issued an apology after a “crazy” profanity-laced video rant surfaced of the actor slamming hotel guests.

“As a result of a misunderstanding and miscommunication between myself and some hotel guests, the situation needlessly and regrettably escalated,” the 52-year-old actor shared with TMZ in a piece published Thursday.

“I am deeply sorry for my words and actions and ask for forgiveness from anyone who I may have offended,” he added. (RELATED: AMC Switches To Policy Requiring Masks After Saying It Didn’t Want To Be ‘Political’)


On the video, “The Breakfast Club” star gets into some kind of verbal altercation with other guests while he is at the pool at the South Congress Hotel in Austin, Texas where he was with his wife and his assistant. (RELATED: Celebrity Train-Wrecks The Media Ignored [SLIDESHOW])

Hall reportedly was blasting his music, bothering other guests and cursing in front of kids, while stating that people were “disrespecting” him.

At one point in the clip, the actor said to the guests, “Yeah, I’m crazy. Kiss my ass. Film me,” while flipping them off.

He even addressed one of the guests as “Rosie O’Donnell.”

Hall definitely appeared to be agitated and even starts splashing water at people on the side of the pool. It is still unclear what started the altercation.

Sources told the outlet that hotel security was called out and Hall ended up leaving the pool area. The police were reportedly not notified.