CHURCHES ARE BURNING: What The Media Won’t Tell You

(Daily Caller)

Caitlyn McDuffee Contributor
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Veterans Chad M. Robichaux and Dr. Damon Friedman sat down with the Daily Caller to discuss what appears to be a wave of churches being burned to the ground. Robichaux is also founder of the Mighty Oaks Foundation, a faith-based nonprofit serving veterans.

A man drove his minivan into a Florida church in July before setting it on fire with gasoline, among other incidents.

“We have seen over a dozen churches attacked, Catholic churches, Christian churches,” Robichaux said. “Some of them were very extreme. I wouldn’t even say it was damage of property, or vandalism. I would call it straight terrorism activity.” (RELATED: Whoopi On Black Churches Being Burned: ‘You Are Not Going To Stop The Conversation With God’)

Friedman also warned against defunding the police.

“When you don’t have enough police officers in your local area, and a criminal breaks into your house. Please don’t call the police,” Friedman told the Caller.


Watch the full interview to find out why the media isn’t talking about recent attacks on churches and why we need law enforcement to keep our communities safe.

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