‘Erotic Weight Gainer’ Known As Gainer Bull Eats 10,000 Calories A Day For His OnlyFans Subscribers

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A man known online as “Gainer Bull” eats around 10,000 calories a day to please his subscribers on his OnlyFans account.

Known offline as Bryan, he began his journey as an “erotic weight gainer” 20 years ago when he weighed 185 pounds, according to an article published Wednesday by Metro. He currently weighs 500 pounds, the outlet reported.

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“I can’t say anything in particular got me into gaining,” Bryan told the outlet.

“I can remember being as young as six and watching cartoons with exaggerated body proportions of muscle and bellies that just caught my interest as an ideal,” he explained. “In my teens I started working out and in my early twenties I started to work on bulking up my gut as well.” (RELATED: Pornhub Offering $300,000 In Free Advertising To Small Businesses Struggling Amid Coronavirus Pandemic)

“It turned sexual in my teens when I realized the idea and process of getting bigger excited me more than anything else,” he added.

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A subscription to Bryan’s OnlyFans account costs $20 per month. He has posted over 1,000 videos of himself eating large amounts of food, according to Metro. Bryan didn’t disclose how many followers he has on OnlyFans.

“My followers do know the more subscribers I get, the faster I’m growing larger,” he said. “A typical day these days is consuming ten thousand calories a day, more if I can.”