EXCLUSIVE: Madison Cawthorn Responds To Backlash Over Visit To Hitler’s ‘Eagles Nest,’ Liking Betsy Ross Flag


Caitlyn McDuffee Contributor
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Madison Cawthorn, a Republican candidate for North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District, is facing controversy after a Jezebel article speculated whether some of his social media posts were anti-semitic.

Cawthorn responded specifically to backlash over his use of the word “Führer” in an Instagram post about visiting one of Adolf Hitler’s houses.(RELATED:‘An Orwellian Nightmare’: Young Congressional Candidate Madison Cawthorn Warns Of Anarchy Without Police, The Danger Of ‘Mob Mentality’)

“The vacation house of the Führer,” Cawthorn wrote on Instagram. “Seeing the Eagles Nest has been on my bucket list for a while, it did not disappoint. Strange to hear so many laughs and share such a good time with my brother where only 79 years ago a supreme evil shared laughs and good times with his compatriots.”

“If saying ‘Führer’ was something that is offensive to jews,” Madison continued, “I would of course apologize to my Jewish friends and my Jewish voters.”


Cawthorn said that he went to the Eagles Nest because he “wanted to see where America had that triumph over the world’s biggest evil.”

Jezebel’s article questions whether Cawthorn can call himself a “real estate investor.” It brings up the name of his business and points out instances where a Betsy Ross flag can be seen during some of his interviews.

The article also argued that the Betsy Ross flag is tied to extreme right-winged movements. Madison responded saying,”I love the Betsy Ross flag because it has the thirteen stars and a circle, which represents our thirteen colonies, and I think we need to get closer back to our founding values.”

Watch the full interview to find out more about Cawthorn’s take on cancel culture, his meeting with President Donald Trump and the recent controversy surrounding his Instagram post.

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