This Electronic Watch Band Is A Healthier Alternative To Chemical Sprays And It’s Over Half-Off!

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Ah, summertime. The smell of barbecues, the ocean, and sunscreen all fill the air. But there’s just one problem: you can’t enjoy any of those things because you’re too busy scratching those disgusting mosquito bites! No matter how much bug repellent you wear, these nasty little things always manage to ruin a good time.

While there are lots of bug repellents to choose from out there, it’s difficult to find any that aren’t jam-packed with questionable chemicals. It’s hard to imagine that stuff isn’t wreaking havoc on your sensitive skin. That’s why people everywhere are turning to safer, chemical-free methods, like this handy Super Shield Mosquito Repellent Electronic Watch Band.

The way the Super Shield band works is simple. Its high-quality ultrasonic waves actually mimic the sounds mosquitos make, repelling any of the real ones away. In fact, you can deter up to 70% of surrounding mosquitos when wearing this bad boy! And since it’s waterproof and chemical-free, it’s perfect for wearing throughout the summer, like on camping trips, at watermarks, and so much more.

The Super Shield electric band has three different modes to choose from, depending on if you’re hanging out indoors or outdoors. And thanks to its silicone make, it’s incredibly comfortable to wear, even for hours at a time. And thanks to the fact that it charges at lightning speeds and runs on little energy, it can continue fending off mosquitos for up to 130 hours.

If you’ve been looking for an odorless, chemical-free solution to irritating, itchy mosquito bites, the Super Shield Mosquito Repellent Electronic Watch Band is definitely the way to go. In fact, it’s so safe to use, it’s great for both kids and adults. This summer’s starting to look better already.

Get the Super Shield Mosquito Repellent Electronic Watch Band for over 50% off, making it just $16.99!

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