Andrew Cuomo Claims Trump Has ‘Some Liability’ For Spike In NYC Crime

(Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty Images)

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo claimed Friday that President Donald Trump bore some responsibility for the recent spike in crime in New York City.

After admitting that tension between police officers and the community was a problem — and that crime rates had been ticking upward — Cuomo argued that the “genesis of the crime” was a series of failures in leadership that he attributed to Trump. (RELATED: Fauci Dragged For Touting New York’s ‘Correct’ Response To Coronavirus Pandemic)


“Crime is a problem. The looting was a problem. The tension between the police department and the community is a problem,” Cuomo began, going on to explain the steps he was taking to mitigate those problems.

“I took the most aggressive action in the United States of America,” he added, saying that every locality in New York that had a police department had been tasked with coming up with a “collaborative process” to help the police and community work together more effectively.

“They have to do it by August, or they don’t get any funding from the state of New York,” Cuomo continued. “Nobody’s been more aggressive. But yes, crime is an issue in New York City. True.”

But then Cuomo turned the blame on Trump, saying, “Now, the genesis of the crime you can have a great debate about, but the Trump economy, Trump not providing COVID relief, [the] George Floyd murder, Trump’s response to the George Floyd murder, race relations stress, Trump, there are good people on both sides, Ku Klux Klan. So, I think Trump has some liability for the increase in the crime.”