Chrissy Teigen Confirms She’s Pregnant With Her Third Child

(Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Netflix)

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Model Chrissy Teigen confirmed she’s expecting her third child with husband John Legend.

Teigen shared a video of her baby bump on her personal Twitter account and other social media Thursday night.

“Look at this third baby sh*t,” Teigen said in the video. “What the…oh God.”

The confirmation came after Teigen and Legend hinted at the news during the music video for the song “Wild.” In the music video, Teigen and Legend hug while she holds her growing belly.

Teigen and Legend met on set while filming the music video for “Stereo” in 2006. They later married in 2013. The couple shares daughter Luna born in 2016 and son Miles born in 2018.

I’m so excited for Teigen and Legend. I want a whole announcement where she talks more about the pregnancy and how they’re feeling. The music video is so cute though. They’re such a beautiful family. (RELATED: Chrissy Teigen Blocks 1M Twitter Accounts After Being Accused Of Riding On Jeffrey Epstein’s Jet)

I want to know what they’re thinking about naming the child and more.

Teigen is pretty open about sharing her children on social media and I love that. She’s always cooking with them and letting them help her in the kitchen. She’s a great a mom and I can’t wait to follow along on the third child’s journey.