‘This Shooting Is Being Buried’: Jesse Watters Blasts ‘Corrupt’ Media For Downplaying Cannon Hinnant Murder

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Fox News host Jesse Watters ripped the media as “corrupt” for downplaying or refusing to cover the murder of 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant.

Darius Sessoms, 25, was charged with first-degree murder after allegedly shooting Hinnant in front of his two sisters as he was riding his bike in Wilson, North Carolina last week.

During a Saturday night “Watters’ World” monologue, Watters argued that the media’s lack of coverage of cases like this along with overcovering other types of violence is “done to divide us for votes.”


“There was no coverage on ABC, NBC or ‘CBS Evening News’,” Watters said after describing the known details of the case so far. “Or on primetime on CNN and MSNBC. The question is why? Racial violence always leads the news in American media. But this shooting is being buried.”

“We’re not showing you this story to inflame you or play up tit for tat racially charged crimes,” the Fox News host insisted. “We’re just being fair and balanced, and want to illustrate how corrupt the mainstream media is.”

“Black on black violence does not get a lot of play,” he continued. “Black on white violence certainly does not get play, but only white on black violence gets round the clock coverage on television.”

Watters argued that such editorial judgments are “hurting this country.” (RELATED: ‘What About This Boy?’: Nancy Grace Draws Attention To Cannon Hinnant’s Fatal Shooting)

“It’s done to divide us for votes, power and profit, keeps us scared and distracts us,” he concluded.