New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy Says National Mask Mandate, Including Outside, ‘Would Be A Game-Changer’

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Democratic New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said a national mask mandate “would be a game-changer” in the fight against coronavirus.

During an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” anchor Chris Wallace played a clip of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden calling last week for governors to issue such a mandate.

“Now you have mandated that in your state people must wear masks if they’re outside and can’t socially distance, at least 6 feet apart,” Wallace said. “Do you think governors, all governors across the country, should issue that kind of mandate?”


“I do, Chris,” Murphy responded. “I think the science and the data, the facts are unequivocal. It used to be up until in fact a few weeks ago that the science said by doing so you’re protecting others, but the science now says it works both ways.”

“And I think if we had a national as we have called for now for many weeks if not months, a national masking policy, I think we could accelerate dramatically driving this virus into the ground,” he continued. “It’s been a big weapon for us in New Jersey but as a nation we are only as strong as our weakest link, to have a national strategy I think would be a game-changer.” (RELATED: ‘Politics Of Fear, Big Government Edition’: Dr. Marc Siegel Blasts Biden For Demanding Mandatory Masking Outside)

Murphy’s order mandates masks outdoors “[w]hen it is not practicable for individuals in outdoor public spaces to socially distance and keep a six-foot distance from others.”

Wallace’s interview with Murphy did not include any questioning about the ongoing back-and-forth between the New Jersey government and the owners of Atilis Gym, who have vowed to remain open despite losing their business license for resisting lockdown measures.