‘The Beach Is Closed’: Woman Interrupts Wedding Over Coronavirus Restrictions

(Screenshot/Twitter: Public User @davenewworld_2)

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A woman in Hawaii posted a video of herself interrupting a small beach wedding and telling the couple that the ceremony was not allowed due to coronavirus regulations, the New York Post reported.

The video shows the woman filming herself walking along the beach towards the wedding and talking about how there are “cops coming.” (RELATED: De Blasio Warns Beachgoers Will ‘Be Taken Right Out Of The Water’ If They Try To Swim)


“I’m trying not to be really rude,” the woman says, “but I’ve had enough of this shit.”

In the video, she approaches the group of eight people at the wedding and says, “This is the beach, and the beach is closed.”

When one of the people at the wedding says that they’re on their own property, the woman replies, “This is not your house, you’re lying.” She also accuses the person officiating the wedding of doing it “for money.”

“You guys got a vacation home, which is illegal … the cops are coming,” she adds.

Vacation homes for short-term rentals on the island of Oahu became illegal on Aug. 1 due to coronavirus restrictions, the New York Post reported. Wedding permits are also invalid until Sept. 4, the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources said per the same report.

“It’s an illegal house, it’s rented,” the woman tells the wedding party as they walk back towards the property. The photographer takes a photo of the woman filming before the video cuts off.